Beware of faulty apps

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There are all kinds of apps in the various app stores, let’s look at the health apps that are available. Which ones are “good” and which aren’t? In terms of an app being good or not, one needs to keep in mind that an app is here to assist in tasks and to make certain tasks easier.

The business and what’s wrong with it

The health app business is booming right now. It is actually a Billion dollar industry, that’s with a “B”. Although the business may be booming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all apps are created equal. Many apps are developed as quick remedies for certain illnesses. There are multiple psychology apps that claim to remedy mental disorders, which actually provide a temporary “fix”. As it pertains to such apps, one needs to keep in mind that a mental disorder can take months or years to heal from (some mental issues can’t be resolved yet). This is the main reason that mental health apps that make major promises to be healed within days, aren’t to be taken as fact, right from the start. This is also the case with other applications that apps are used for. When you look at almost any app, it’s primary reason for existence is to assist in one task or another. Granted, some apps are for entertainment but that is when the focus lies on one main theme or concept. For example games are developed for the sole purpose of entertainment, that is the goal and overall theme. Ever wonder why some apps fail? Related to the topic at hand, some apps fail because they’re spread out too thin and want to do too much or are too fragmented in doing too many different things.

Here’s what you do

Want to really have a chance of making a app that becomes a hit? Here are a few general steps what to keep in mind:

  1. What problem would such an app be solving?
  2. Are there “sufficient” people complaining about that problem?
  3. How would it best work for that intended audience

Although this can get the wheels turning, the biggest challenge lies in the features. To be more specific, not particularly how these features should work but the strategy of which features to put now and which need to come in later.

One last thing

If you are going to use a medical app or any type of app and want to truly know if it’s good enough, simply try to talk to either a doctor or another expert in that particular field. Another option would be to schedule a meeting with one of our team members and let’s figure it out together.

As final point, let me know in the comment section which topic you’d like to see next.