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3 steps to keeping your app relevant

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Back in the day, if you had developed an app, that was it, no sense of urgency to strategize too much on the future of that particular app. These days, the standards are a bit higher. Users may have more storage space on their mobile devices but they are also more conscious of which apps  they do and don’t want anymore. The challenge for “Appreneurs” comes in developing a business out of an app that stays relevant to the user. In this piece we’ll briefly dive into this topic.

What have you noticed?

Haven’t you noticed the multiple updates that you constantly need to install; being from your mobile device itself or of an app? Receiving updates, is actually a good thing, because that shows that the developers are acknowledging complaints and the wishes of the users.
It needs to be added that some features may be a bit more obvious than others but all in all, the update is meant to improve the app.

3 steps to keeping your app relevant

How does an app become irrelevant? It simply doesn’t provide any new useful information or it has become redundant to the user. This is one of the main reasons why major apps like Uber keep coming up with new features. This brings the question: How and why do they come up with the updates? Here’s how:

  1. Continuous marketing research; Ever see that pop-up when you want to close an app: “what is your experience with this app?” or something similar? This is the developer simply checking the satisfaction rate of the user towards the app. Keep in mind that people that have a bad experience are more eager to report that bad experience than people with a good experience.
    As an Appreneur, once you know the problem with the current version of your app, you can strategize on how to improve and proceed based on a previously set plan and the user’s feedback.
  2. Target audience; Although it would be ideal to have everyone download your app, this is a major task which you might not want to take on all at once. Catering to one target audience is very important as this group will be the biggest users of your app.
    It will be important for you to know who this group is, what they do, what they deem important, why and how they like to see their main problem solved.
  3. Marketing; What many “appreneurs” fail to see is that you need to continuously market your app, otherwise your abandonment rate can start to surpass the retention rate (biggest nightmare).
    For this you’ll might want to consider getting a growth hacker on board to help you figure out what does and doesn’t work for your app business.

If you keep doing these things, it will be a nice start in keeping your app relevant.

What actually matters if you’re an appreneur

Generating business from an app can be very tricky but it’s not impossible. If you think, you’ve found a hole in the market and want to take it to the next level, then here is a list of indicators to continuously monitor:

  • Amount of users
  • Length of a session that the users actually use the app
  • Session interval
  • Time in app
  • Acquisition; how fast is the user base growing?
  • Screen flow; always try to make your app as user friendly as possible.
  • Retention; do users keep the app on their phone, how long and (why)
  • Lifetime value; how much is the average user worth? In case you are attaching a business to your app, this is a very important parameter.

In closing, the mobile scene is continuously evolving and so can your business. Check this out to make use of a very special group offer. Would you like to have a sitdown and discuss your options? No problem, just click here.