Why is it so expensive to develop an app?

Apps costs

Have you ever developed an app? If you already had an idea for an app, just ask any app development agency and you just might be shocked at how much it costs. There are various reasons why this is the case and we’ll discuss it briefly in this piece.

An easy way out

Developing an app, a good one, is mostly tailored design and programming work. It does need to be mentioned that there are some “quicker” solutions for having an app developed, they include the solutions that Biznessapps and Appmakr provide. They have several general features “ready” and require almost no coding experience to build your app. These solutions are good to use if you might want to test an app idea or want your app to assist with something minor. Depending on how you put the app together, it will function just fine.

The one major drawback is that you will be hooked to the subscription for the app’s lifetime plus you are limited to the features that are available and nothing beyond that. Therefore, your next level cutting edge mobile app, can not be developed through one of these app solutions.

Knowledge and expertise

Now let’s start looking at the reasons why it can cost so much to develop an app. The costs for a website are nowhere near the costs for app development but why? Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. An app encompasses various aspects; we’ve evolved from the time where all the data was already in the app, now most of the app’s data is somewhere on a server. This means that you’ll need web development skills plus your mobile app programming skills. This means that your developer needs to be an expert in multiple programming languages.
  2. Multiple devices; when you develop a website, there are fewer obstacles to consider compared to a mobile app. Here are a few: (1) which mobile platform (iOS and or Android), each requires different programming unless being developed cross platform (2) multiple devices; with all major platforms being fragmented, your developer needs to make sure that the app performs seamlessly on all smartphones, which can be tricky, especially Android devices (3) multiple devices part 2; just in case you wanted to get “fancy” and wanted your app available for tablets and iPads too, this also requires additional work.
  3. Higher hourly rate; It should be clear that if a person has a good grasp of all of this knowledge, he needs to be paid for it too. This is one of the main reasons why mobile developers their hourly rate can be a bit higher than that of web developers.

It goes beyond development

Did you think you’re out of the woods already? Nope! After the app is developed, a good developer provides a good testing period to make sure that the app performs accordingly. The testing process of an app needs to check three main issues:

  • Functionality
  • Security/privacy
  • User interface (mostly for the intended users)

The testing goes very much deeper than this but these are the main points. This shows why it’s not too strange when app projects run for 4 months or even longer.

Even when the technical part of the mobile app is finished, it’s now up to the intended users to still adopt it. This was the main purpose of you developing the app, which means that you’re not out of the woods yet. A strategy will need to be setup for this otherwise the entire investment to have the app developed might be for nothing unless you get really lucky.

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