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How Pokémon Go can help your business

Create Pokemon go app

With the whole Pokémon Go hype, some businesses are reaping the benefits of it while others don’t even know how to get started. Just for them we’ve compiled a general setup of how to use Pokémon Go for your business. Everything is already going mobile but it doesn’t mean that your business needs its own app.

Setup marketing strategy

Here’s where it starts; marketing of course.You’ll need to know:

  • Which products/services do you want to promote specifically through this new campaign?
  • Which current channels do you want to use for this campaign?
  • Do you know who the average Pokémon Go player is? Does he/she fit within your target audience?

Once you’ve got this setup, you’ve got the basics down or we can dig into it some more.

Pokémon Go Stop

Once you’ve established your gameplan, you can proceed with Pokémon Go itself. You’ll need to request that your location become a Pokéstop on the Pokémon Go website.
Pokéstops – All the items you need to play the game are stored in these blue supply stores, dotted around the map.
The Pokéstop is the place where many Pokémon Go players gather which make it a great way to attract customers to your business.
This is what you’ll want to do moving on:

  • Start to check out which Pokémon are already around your location; this can help when promoting your new campaign.
  • If there are some interesting Pokémon around, you might not even need to have your place recognized as a PokéStop.

Catch em all!

In this last part, you start working on the details of the marketing strategy which you’ve setup at the beginning. To stay efficient, it would be wise to use your existing marketing channels, before spending additional budget. Once you’ve done this, plus receive the greenlight from Pokémon Go, you can get the ball rolling. If you’re not really clear on it all, let’s talk.

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