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What to do when going from web platform to mobile app


When it comes to the current business and tech landscape, it might get a bit confusing when to get an app, why or even how to get an app for your business. Let’s try to make sense of all of this by looking at entrepreneurs that already have their business up and running and are looking to expand.

Why is it important to strategize?

Most entrepreneurs that already have their business setup, already have a website and or webshop. For them the question arises: “do I get an app now or what?”. It’s actually not that simple, because you first need to determine what the purpose of such an app should be. Here are a few reasons why you should really think it through:

  • Simply copying the website features onto an app can be confusing to your current and potential future clients. Leaving it up to your clients to choose whether to use your app or website can make them abandon both unless one can provide added value that the other doesn’t provide.
  • Apps can be personalized; One of the main added values that an app can provide, is that users can personalize it to a certain degree (also dependent on the app its features). By providing features to personalize the app, you can actually monitor what your clients like, want, dislike and prefer, if you monitor everything correctly.
  • Your clients aren’t always ready to move from A to B, all at once. It’s not too wise to try to push all features into an app, right from the start, because it might be too overwhelming for clients. In most cases, a more gradual approach, can give better results.

How to get started

If you’ve come to realize why it’s important to think it through, here are a few steps how you can get proceed:

  • Try to best figure out who your target audience for this app is; if you already have clients going to your website, you can analyze the analytics and decide which type of users you want the app to be most helpful to.
  • Once you’ve selected that target audience, try to come up with a list of features that can add value to this audience.
  • Set goals! Do this on the business and the technical front, otherwise it can be much more difficult to monitor the progress and success of the implementation of the app.

Now you can get started but as safety precaution, try to re-evaluate the goals that you’ve setup on a regular basis after your app has been launched. This keeps you sharp on whether you are actually reaching these goals or if you need to change a few things in your strategy.

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