Stand up!

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The new way of being heard As many wars still take place on the battlefield with people doing most of the fighting, more and more fighting is done online. Times are changing. Physical presence is almost no longer required to cause harm or damage. Almost everything can be done from a remote location. Even though […]

The SOPA/PIPA saga…

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Almost everything is getting back to “normal” again.  As the dust settles about the entire SOPA and PIPA episode, we’ll take you through the interesting things about it all. the connections behind the SOPA supporters; Mostly the entertainment big dogs PIPA and SOPA’s harm they may bring to business, technology, innovation and everything a little […]

From Tablets to… [OPINION]

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Remember when technology was “Did you get the new phone that is out now?”.  Just like that everyone was in the mobile phone hype until another gadget got center stage.  As technology evolves, so does man’s interest and fascination with it.  Many technological gadgets came out but only few really stuck around and got our […]