consulting_overview1Figuring out how your app or website can be of added value for your business can be a very demanding task and very complex.

With a team of mobile app and website consultants at your disposal we can help get you on your way or assist until you can do without our help. 

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Consultancy service of CreateAppsHere for Apps and web development


Knowing what your options are, is the key to knowing what is feasible from a technical and business standpoint. We are offering to help you make sense of it all. We are offering three-month packages or a one-time assessment. You can expect the following from our one-time assessment:

  • * short term marketing strategy
  • * a technical guide of what your options are 
  • * professional input on improving your current website/app and much more

We'll save you time and funds in trying to research and structure all of the essentials. Have you ever had mobile app consulting or even website consulting? We'll work with you, one step at a time. Let's have a talk and we'll further discuss how we can help. 




“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” - Bruce Lee

Consultancy Package

Apps and websites can be used for various business objectives which is why we take pride in giving advice on how to best utilize web or mobile applications to meet your strategic goals. 

Why would this be for you?
  • *You deserve to know ALL your options for your app or website
  • *We have it all under one roof; providing business and technical advice
  • *We have a experienced team that will take the time to work with you  
What can you expect?
  • *Mobile application advice
  • *Assessment on your current application infrastructure
  • *Revenue generating strategies
  • *Much more...




We would like to help as best as we can which is why we are offering to even help you with FUNDING or setting up strategic business alliances. We also offer you the monthly bill for a reduced rate if you bring in another client for us. You will then receive a certain percentage discount on your monthly bill.