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Here are some free resources that you can download to get started on your own.


Apps seem like simple little programs on your smartphone but there is a lot that is behind these "little programs"; ranging between technical and business aspects.

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Since we also try to get you funded, it was only fair that we try to help you get setup as well. This sheet can assist you, so you know what to took into account.

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Below are all of the downloadable files from the past webinars that we delivered. We divided them per webinar and topic.

ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY - Get started with these downloadables

Entrepreneurial roadmap

With this download, you can start setting up the overall roadmap on how to get started or grow your business. It is divided into multiple sections that build up, on top of each other.

From Idea To App Version 1.0
With millions of apps already in the multiple app stores, you might need some extra help or at least some guidelines on how to improve the success of your app in the app store. With this worksheet, we'll help you from the idea, to the potential launch of your app. Consisting out of easy steps, that everyone can follow.  
Ideation Worksheet

What do you need to bring your business idea to life? How do you structure your passion a bit? This downloadable will help you make sense of those ideas and other non tangibles in regards to chasing your dreams of being or becoming an entrepreneur.

Brand Worksheet

As the name suggests, this worksheet will help you with your brand. Many make the mistake of focusing too much on their product or not specifying how they would like to be perceived. Get started, the right way and prepare the right way.

IDEA VALIDATION - What you need to improve your idea

Pain/Gain/Magic wand analysis

Figuring out what is right for you and your business is very important, so here's a worksheet that can help you in that process. This analysis can help you get a better understanding of your business. Wouldn't you want to be able to figure out your business better?

Competitor Matrix

Many don't consider just how important it is to have a good grasp of what your competitors are doing and especially how they're doing it. With this, you get to have a good structure of all of the information that you gather. This will ultimately help you advance your own business and become the ultimate competitor.

Measuring The Market

Did you know that the majority of startups fail due to faulty marketing? Let's not make you a statistic and start working on your marketing strategy. This file will help you measure the market, which in turn will help you navigate and improve your strategy on dominating that market.

Idea Validation; The Tech Perspective

When you're working on an app or have that great idea which you want to turn into a business, you might want to check this worksheet to guide you from idea to the actual prototype. It provides you with some easy tips that you can implement, even with a small budget and even if you're not tech savvy.

Curious to see the upcoming webinars and what's to come?

MVP Validation- From Idea to Product

MVP Reality

If you've figured out what your product should look like, it might be time to start looking at how you're going to actually develop it. Here is a worksheet that can help you define your MVP, especially in terms of its features.

App MVP Walkthrough

This worksheet is a expansion on the other MVP downloadable and offers a step by step approach after having validated your idea, to the app MVP. Helping you with the practical things that even non tech savvy entrepreneurs can execute.