Road to Version 1.0

Let’s say, you have that great app idea, how do you even get started on trying to make that idea come to life? This worksheet will guide you to do the following: Conceptualize your idea Assess your strengths Tools to research the market Assess your resources Evaluate your team and more Interested? Simply add it […]

App MVP Definition

This worksheet is a expansion on the other MVP downloadable and offers a step by step approach after having validated your idea, to the app MVP. Helping you with the practical things that even non tech savvy entrepreneurs can execute. Get started by adding this free downloadable to your cart.

MVP Definition

If you’ve figured out what your product should look like, it might be time to start looking at how you’re going to actually develop it. Here is a worksheet that can help you define your MVP, especially in terms of its features. By adding it to cart, it’s yours for free.

Idea Validation; The Tech Perspective

When you’re working on an app or have that great idea which you want to turn into a business, you might want to check this worksheet to guide you from idea to the actual prototype. It provides you with some easy tips that you can implement, even with a small budget and even if you’re […]

Measuring The Market

Did you know that the majority of startups fail due to faulty marketing? Let’s not make you a statistic and start working on your marketing strategy. This file will help you measure the market, which in turn will help you navigate and improve your strategy on dominating that market. Add this to cart and dominate […]