Webinar: Great app idea? Here’s how to get started

Ever have that great app idea but don’t even know how to start? If you’re truly serious about an app, there are countless resources on the web, free and paid. Through this webinar I’ll point you in the right direction on how to get your app based business started with the smallest budget available. Who […]

App Best Practices

We all know that we need a solid strategy to make our app a success but how can this best be setup? These are the types of questions that we answer with this downloadable course. We want your app idea to succeed, so let’s make it happen.

Website sales tips | CreateAppsHere

Thank you for your interest in this download! Your website doesn’t only have to function as your online presence but some tools can be added to make it more sales effective. If you are a offline sales superstar but your online presence isn’t at the same level, we need to do something about that, don’t […]

NextLevel Pitch cheatsheet

Clearly you’re serious about your business. With this free cheat sheet, you’ll know exactly what to consider and which subjects are a must to best describe your business concept. Do you think that you can setup the best pitch? This will help you to: * Set the range of your scope *Brief description of the […]

App guidelines

Apps aren’t buzzwords but there is still plenty we need to know before getting started with one. * Learn how to prepare for app development from a business standpoint * Tips on what to pay attention to as the development of your app proceeds or when testing a demo of it * Practical information about […]