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Your homework
Having accurate numbers and a good description of what you want to do is GREAT but will it be enough?
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Our Event

When you register, we're offering various discounted services which might be perfect for your business (plus a secret cheat sheet).

The event is setup out of the following:

  • Online qualification process for web and mobile technology solutions ; Each team can apply until May 11th 2017. Here's a pitch cheat sheet.
  • Final round:
    *Top 10 applicants will receive the chance to pitch their business concept to a jury of 5 investors
    *2 workshops will be given to the audience, based on the preference of all of the applicants.
    *The winner could go home with a deal from the investors! For more information on the finale click here.

Entrepreneurs their biggest strength is their resourcefulness. Let's test how resourceful you are at our competition?

This event is supported by our partners to assist all applicants and add value to all of them whether they make it to the final round or not.

More Details

Here's what we have in mind:

  1. Everyone that signs up competes online against one another in the first round. Each team has to send us a pitch video that introduces their team and does a pitch of a maximum of 60 seconds. The video should explain why they should get funded and introduce their business idea without giving away trade secrets. The teams, whose video receives the most likes and most scalable business concept make the most chance to go on to the next round. Here's a cheat sheet!
  2. Only the ten best teams proceed to the next and final round where a winner will be announced.