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You can save them, just get started!


Posts as this one aren’t my regular types of posts but having been raised the way I was raised and where I was raised, I had to at least do something. Entrepreneurship is very important for any country’s economic stability and growth so in this post I’ll dive into a major business tip I have for people associated in any way with Suriname.

What’s happening now? Seriously?!?!?

Suriname is one of the most beautiful countries in the world (and most diverse) but its economy is very unstable now (understatement of the year). Living abroad, I hear one horrible story after the next. Just to paint an image for you: last week an ELEVEN YEAR old tried to break into the bank out of pure desperation of the economic situation.

Social media is definitely shining some light on the situation in the country but at the same time it is blatantly obvious that very few can or are willing to do something about it (some don’t even know where to begin). Although thousands of Surinamese are living abroad, there are very few that actually contribute to Suriname (their reasons are very diverse) but many of them want to contribute but don’t know how are where to start.

A good starting point

I’ve had the privilege of working together with the fine team behind Apura Networks but to be honest; it only recently dawned on me what their true potential might be during this troubling time in Suriname.

Right now, Apura Networks is the first crowdfunding platform in Suriname for Suriname, focusing on social projects. This is what is the most significant, because with prices going up (literally) every week, “the little guy” is being put in a tough spot. Apura has projects ranging from educational ones to medical projects, it’s all hands on deck! With the local government proving time and time again just how corrupt they are, the people should have an alternative to at least have hope. With thousands of Surinamese living in the Netherlands and beyond, there just might be a chance to let the people right the ship.

Apura Networks is easy accessible and anyone can support any project with a donation. To be truly blunt; if you have a connection with Suriname in any way, prove it and at least try to do something about it. Apura Networks can be your vessel to show your support or do it in another way but don’t just sit there, read what’s happening on Facebook or whatever and do nothing at all, please.

If you’re thinking to get your own project started, check the bottom for more details.

Why not?

Still second guessing? Here are a couple of reasons why there’s no need to hesitate and just get up:

  • With the Surinamese currency being so low, almost anything else is valued higher and more valuable. If you can’t support a project with $100, you can always give $10, right now, they need all the help they can get.
  • Are you really going to wait on the local Surinamese government to do something about it when you have the chance to make a difference yourself?
  • You always see commercials “Save the panda”, “Save the tiger”, why not save Suriname?

How to get started

Here’s what you do, to get started:

  • Go to the website, sign in or log in, depending if you’re already a member
  • Check the various running projects and then decide if you’ll support current projects or if you’d like to start a new one.

If you need a website for your project, CreateAppsHere is offering to develop your website for just €500 (excluding Dutch VAT), click here for the details.

So, in closing support Suriname and help out! I’m doing my part in offering high quality web development for low prices, what are YOU doing?